Placement services

Over the past 30 years, I’ve helped families who have faced difficult decisions about where mom and dad should live.

Should they stay in their own homes?

Go to assisted living/Alzheimer’s care?

My Service to You

I will personally meet with your family to gather as much information as possible to determine the best fit. I help either with finding in-home help care or placement into a community.

I match your family to what suits your financial ability and meets the medical needs of your loved one. This can be an overwhelming, daunting task for family members, and I will be there for you, every step of the way.

I work closely with your family to decide what is the best fit for you. If placement into assisted living is the best option, I set up a tour at a facility that I believe would suit all of your needs and I personally accompany your family on the tour and help guide you through the process, helping you with what questions to ask and essentially becoming your liaison.

My service to you is free.

I am compensated by the services that I refer you to, which allows me to personally tour and select the best places. I have hundreds of in-home care and assisted living communities to choose from but, I won’t overwhelm you with lots of choices. After meeting with you, we will decide together the best 2-3 that are the best fit for you. Because I’ve worked in this industry for a very long time, I know which places are the best for you. I never recommend any community I haven’t toured myself and I know their reputation and staff.

I am also connected with many other free services. My goal is to give you a holistic approach to everything your loved one needs to be cared for in the most gracious and loving way.

24 Hour Response Time

Always Completely Free

30 Years of Experience

Individualized Service

Personalized Tours

Professional and Confidential

Accommodating to your financial and medical needs

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