Tips For Choosing A Facility

Tips For Choosing A Facility21 Oct ,2019

After you and your parents have decided what type of facility would be best for them, make sure that you visit at least two before making a choice.  There comes a time when it is either not safe for mom and dad to live in their own home anymore, or it’s just too much work. Many of the families I have worked with over the past thirty years have parents who are still living in the 3 – 5 bedroom home in which they raised their children thirty years prior.

Usually, there is a lot of yard work and upkeep on the house, and even if mom and dad are still healthy, they may consider downsizing so they don’t have the burdens of upkeep and can enjoy their retirement.

The purpose of this chapter is to help you understand the many options available for your loved one and to help you assist them as they move into this next phase of their life, taking into consideration their care needs and their ability to afford the various options.

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